We drove to Williams Arizona October 22, 2008 and stayed overnight at the Grand Canyon Railroad Hotel.  The buffet dinner there that evening was exceptionally good.  Almost as good as the food on Cruise ships.  The next morning we had a very delicious breakfast buffet.  Once again, the food was exceptional.  At 8:45 AM we boarded the Train.  This time of year they use Diesel Locomotives so we didn't get to see the Steam Locomotives in operation.  The trip to the South Rim of the Canyon took a little over 2 hours.  Our host served soda pop and kept everyone's interest by telling the local history and a lot of other very funny and interesting stories. 

At the Canyon we had a delicious lunch at one of the restaurants.  We walked to the rim of the canyon and looked over the side, unbelievably beautiful and vast.  It really takes your breath away.  We took a lot of photos and walked around for about 3 hours.

After boarding the train for the trip back to the hotel we were royally entertainers.  We had a banjo player and singer, a dancing fiddler, and a train robbery.  It was all very well done and very enjoyable. 

Back at the hotel on the second day, we once again had another exceptional buffet dinner.  Then we retired to our hotel room and played cards until 10 PM or so and then retired for the night.  The next morning, yes, we had another exceptional buffet breakfast.  After that we checked out of the hotel and hit the road for Laughlin Nevada. 

We spent 2 days and nights in Laughlin.  Slots and food!  Lot's of fun.  Didn't get rich.  Imagine that!




Grand Canyon Railroad Hotel and The Train Depot


Inside Depot and Gift Shop

More Gift Shop


Retired Steam Engine and At the Depot  -  Waiting for the Train


Where's the Train?   -   Donna and Marlene


Bill and Marlene and Bill and Me by Retired Steam Locomotive


Sheriff"Rusty" and Donna


Sheriff "Rusty" and Marlene    --   Boarding the Grand Canyon Railroad

"All Aboard"

On The Train


Say Hi Bill   ---   Refreshments are served!


The Brakemen

At The Grand Canyon



Looking over the South Rim


Train has Arrived for the trip back to hotel.

The Train Ride Back


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The Banjo Player

The Train Robbery

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Riding Robbers

The Horse Man

Sheriff Rusty On Train

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