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This page last updated: April 28, 2009 (See Renaissance Faire 2009)


Don 7th Birthday

Newlyweds April 1970

Donna and Tim 1972

Tim 1 year old

Don & Tim & Donna 1973-74

Tim with new baby brother Joe 1977 - Wagoner OK

Christmas Party with friends about 1978

Joe - Christmas 1980 Wagoner Ok.

Tim Soccer Player - Broker Arrow OK - 1978-79

Tim Soccer Player - Broker Arrow OK - 1978-79

Joe Soccer Player 1984

Joe Fifth Grade

Tim 12 Yrs Old

Don and Joe in HS Graduation Robe

Joe, Donna, Erin and Tim - High School Days

Tim and classmate in sculpture studio at Art Institute of So Cal, Laguna Beach

Joe 18 and Tim 22

Joe 20 and Tim 24

Don at Renaissance Faire

Joe at Renaissance Faire

Tim & Leo & Joe 1996

Temecula 2003

Kowalami Falls Oregon

Temecula 2003

Joe and Sarah 2007

Tim, Jaya and Breanne 2008

Joe and Tim 1999

Leo, Sister Donna and Don



Sister Donna, Wife Donna, Leo and Delmar September 2008 in Silome Springs Arkansas

Delmar and Don September 2008 in Silome Springs Arkansas

Pictures from the past - Turner Family, Friends, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins Sisters and Other Relatives



Aunt Dorothy and Aunt Peggy and Cousin Dolorous Martinson


Cousin Dorothy Gandy with Sister Dorothy and Grandpa Charlie Turner

Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Tommy


Uncle Roy Peggy and Uncle Roy Hembree and Uncle Bobbie Turner 1940's

Aunt Dorothy, Uncles Eddy, Elmer, Aunt Peggy, Uncle Bobbie and Aunt Mable 1930's


Pun Jeske and Friends - Pun Jeske and Family


Mom in Middle with ? and ?     ----     Leo, Mom, ?, Dorothy, Mable, JN, Vicki

Leo, Mom, Dorothy, Baby Michael Johnson, Uncle Tommy


Leo, JN, Roy, Al Kranmer, and ?   ---------  Grace, Mom, Mabel, Peggy


Cousin Roger Martinson, Cousin Billy Gandy and Family


Aunt Peggy and her first husband Uncle Eddy


Aunt Peggy    -----     Mom (right) and friend 1920's

Renaissance Faire 2009

April 26, 2009

The Original Renaissance Faire
2009 ** April 4 - May 17 ** 2009
Saturdays & Sundays 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
School Day is Friday April 24, 2009
(ALL Dates and details are subject to change.)
Location: Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area - Irwindale, CA
Santa Fe Dam is a unit of the United States Army Corps of Engineers, maintained and operated by the County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation

We attended the Renaissance Faire Sunday, April 26, 2009.  The weather was a perfect, sunny and 73 degrees with a nice light breeze.  We got there at 10:15 AM before it became very crowded.  By 1:30 PM it was almost shoulder to shoulder with people of all walks of life. We left about 2:00PM after having a fun time walking around, watching some of the shows, dancers, jesters, royalty and a lot of very jolly folks.  Beer was flowing and the food was abundant. There were many a sun burned bosom by the end of the day.  It is fun to watch all the people in their costumes, and some strange attire having fun and showing off.  Donna had a roasted Turkey leg for lunch and I had a Polish sausage, slice of cheese and bread.  There were all kinds of good food available but we steered clear of the really bad stuff.  The following pictures show some of the fun had.







The Three Musketeers and The Lady!

Poet, waxing eloquent Shakespeare prose.

And he continues!

And he continues, Still!

Actually this gentleman was very good at Shakespeare and was a delight to listen to.


Great Costumes.

Dude Approaching

Dude Getting Closer

Aha!, Dude has Arrived

This little fellow got a kick out of one of the performers.

Bawdy Singers (The lyrics were outrageous)

The local Laundromat

Roasted Turkey Leg, Yummy!

The Food Area before the crowds arrived.



Curious cute little girl, big Goose!  I couldn't resist taking this one.




Face Painting for the kids.



The Royal Dance



Recognize this guy?  Remember the Shakespeare Poet holding Donna's hand?  Same guy.




More Great Costumes



The Bar opened early!



More of the Bawdy singers.  They were hilarious.



Live Play


Awe Shucks!


Village Blacksmiths



Training of the Royal Guard


Local visitors in costume.



A show for the Kids


A needed rest!


Cool skates!




And this guy could play Too!

Good Musicians


Lunch hour, the crowd grows.



We are looking forward to going again next year.  It is a lot of fun..