Slamal Family Page

Vicki Irene Slamal, Johnson, Schwab

Born: September 22, 1948

Children: Michael James Johnson
Born: December 17, 1969, Bellflower, CA
:Jeremiah Thomas Johnson
Born: June 27, 1974, Bellflower, CA

Michael's wife: Melissa Johnson
Children: McKenzie Johnson

Jeremiah's wife: Brandye Johnson
Children: Jeremiah TRex Johnson

First Husband: Michael Wayne Johnson/we were married June 22, 1968 / divorced November 1988

Vicki and Mike's Wedding

Mike, Jeremiahm Vicki, Michael

Jeffery Lynn Slamal, my second husband, / Married; December 31, 1990 still married, forever!


Heather Suarez:

Children: Alexander (Alec) Slamal
Jeffery Suarez

Husband: Daniel Suarez

Alyssa Quinto
Husband: Steve Quinto

Children: Cloe Slamal
Steven Quinto


Mom, Michael and Dad Leo

Leo, Vicki, Jeff

Jeremiah, Jeff, Vicki, Michael

Vicki Sent the following pictures and text 10-22-2008:

Grandchildren 7-2007 we now have Steven too!

BACK ROW: Cloe: Alyssa's 11 year old daughter
Hailey: Steve's 17 year old daughter
Hannah: Steve's 15 year old daughter
Alec: Heather's 16 year old daughter

FRONT ROW: McKenzie: Michael's 9 year old daughter
Jeffery: Heather's 11 year old son
Jeremiah: Jeremiah's 3rd, who is now 4 years old.

The picture I'm sending you today ( 27 October 2008) is of our newest Grandson Steven: Alyssa and Steve's 9 month old son who will be a year old next month...

Grandma with Cloe March 08

In August and September 2009 Vicki sent the following family pictures she scanned from old album photos.